5 Feminine Traits That Men Find Totally Irresistible

A Match Not Made in Heaven: The Disconnect Between Job Seekers and Companies Hiring

Job Seekers aren’t finding the right jobs. Companies hiring aren’t finding the right candidates. Where is the disconnect? It may be time to rethink strategy and think like an applicant!

Easy Ways to Make Money Online

If you’ve been looking for easy ways to make money online, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Don’t get me wrong. Easy ways to make money online do exist. However, they are not going to be found on any list you come across on the Internet. Why? Because most of those “easy” ways don’t really work.

Feral Cats As Part-Time Pets

Feral cats can become part-time pets! And when they do, you will find that they can be as loving and smart as my feral. part-time cat, Jazmin

Me ‘N Music

Am I the only old guy who has trouble rockin’ out in church? Hear a geezer tell his story.

Why Now?

Why such a push for globalism at this time? Why the hurry? What are people seeing now that they did not see before?

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