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4 Ways To Build Momentum In Your Business

Momentum doesn’t happen by chance, and nor is it willed into existence. To achieve momentum, you need to understand its source, and then relentlessly fuel it.

Why We Need To Know A Politician’s Real PRIORITIES?

Although, many people, from both sides of the political spectrum, as well as the so – called, middle, appear to see, nearly everything related to news and/ or, current events, in an extremely biased, slanted, prejudiced, opinionated way, the reality is, there will never discover any meaningful, meeting – of – the – way, for the greater – good, unless/ until, most begin proceeding with a more – open mind, and a willingness to see obstacles as challenges, to overcome, instead of perceiving debilitating problems! Although, this has probably been the case, for generations, it became abundantly clearer, in the…

Why Leaders Must Be FAITHFUL To All Constituents?

How can anyone, claim, to have the right to be called a leader, unless/ until, he earns it, by consistently, being, absolutely, FAITHFUL to all his stakeholders, and constituents, and, not, solely, his personal supporters, and/ or, follower, or his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? After, over four decades, of personal involvement, in, nearly, everything related to effectively leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or. potential leaders, as well as serving as a leader, on various occasions, I strongly believe, unless one holds service to his organization, and…

Will You CREATE A Better Self?

Although, many people claim, they seek to become the best, happiest, most personally – fulfilled individuals, very few seem to be, ready, willing, and/ or, able, to proactively, CREATE a better self! If, you don’t try to help, yourself, it is doubtful, others will! It is, often, important to prioritize, self – help, and becoming the best, you can possibly, become!

Hyper-Collaborative Modern Workplace: Back to Basics

Today, the modern workplace has gone through a lot of positive changes. Due to the changing demographics and dispersed workforce across the planet, the definition of workplace collaboration has also been changed. These days, face-to-face meetings have now been replaced by internet-enabled video conferencing and real-time messaging.

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