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Choosing A Best Travel Electric Toothbrush

Finding the best Travel electric toothbrush is not an rocket science. It just needs a little knowledge and information about the product. Let’s learn more so you can make informed choices.

The Commie Chronicles – Episode 6

Communism is dead. That is the common refrain when you say today’s Democrats are commies. Communism is alive and well and thriving in the halls of Congress. In this weekly series, we’ll examine the signs of our times. It’s an educational journey to wake up the masses to our demise. Come along for an eye-opening journey.

Lord, Change My Name (3)

Yes, you may also need this transformation now to become what God wants you to be. Yes, you may be looking okay physically, but on the inside, privately, you know that all is not well with you. You need touch on your character, attitudes, inadequacies, hindrances and shortcomings. There are impediments that need to be uprooted from your life, so that you can become what God wants you to be. It may even be sickness or a stubborn problem. You can’t believe, for some, it is their anger, their stubbornness, their talkativeness, unfaithfulness or their laziness that has stopped them from climbing up or having a sustained relationship, marriage, job, career or spiritual growth. This must change today in the name of Jesus! That Jacob must be changed to Israel! You cannot attain completeness until it is done. Jacob could not. And you must wrestle like him until God does it. Another man called Jabez in the scriptures understood this and became blessed more than everybody around him. His circumstance of birth and name affected him negatively, but he refused to accept that and prayed until God changed it.

What Is a “Blood in the Streets” Moment?

The quote “buy when there is blood in the streets” was coined by Baron Rothschild from the 18th century after the panic that ensued after the Battle of Waterloo against Napoleon. At that time, there was literally blood in the streets in the aftermath of a war. In present time, this expression can be interpreted as “buy when there is the most pessimism”. Why is this important? This moment is when prices are at their absolute lowest. Risk is at its lowest and reward is at its highest, since prices will likely move up the farthest from the lowest point.

Mother’s Day – Simply Special

Once a year a day is set aside for Mom. But Mom could be Grandma, Auntie, Step Mom, Sister, or anyone who was there in your growing years and made an impact on who you are today. Stores and shops are filled with ideas for gifts, food, cards, and “items” to celebrate this very special day.

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