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Ways To Enhance Your Self – RESPECT!

If you don’t, consistently, RESPECT yourself, and your behavior, actions, and mindset, why would anyone else? After, over four decades, and thousands, of conducting, personal development/ self – help, seminars, as well as consulting with thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, I, strongly, believe, it is, somewhat, rare, to find, these kinds of individuals! It takes a true – desire, and discipline, combined with considerable commitment, etc, to be able to examine yourself, with, the degree of introspection, in an objective manner, needed, to make personal improvements!

Would You Have The Needed ETHICS Of A Quality Leader?

Although, many, either, are elected, selected, and/ or, ascend to some position of leadership, and, most of them, seem to believe, they are well – suited, and fit, for their positions, it seems, much of the cause, we witness today, for so – many organizations, losing its reasons – for – being, is, largely, the apparent, dearth of genuine leaders, and a lack of professionally – designed, leadership training programs! Although, some things, can be trained, and taught, those, related to an individual’s, true, quality of character, are, far more challenging, to discover! Before, you, either vote for someone, or…

5 Areas Where A Bipartisan Common Sense Consensus Should Be Achievable!

Unlike his predecessor, President Joe Biden, has, repeatedly, stated his belief, and confidence, in our overall system, claiming, although, there are many issues, which divide us, politically, there have always been, and will continue to be, certain ones, which, every public official, regardless of politics, must and should be able, to agree, upon! Although, I am not, necessarily, convinced, this is true, in today’s. divided society, perhaps, the recent, apparent agreement, made between a bipartisan group of Senators, and this President, indicate, there may be some degree of limited hope!

Is It Possible to Make Money Online?

Many people believe that making money online is too difficult or unreliable. Many people fail online because they believe it is a quick way to make money online. They give up when they realize it takes work, commitment, and resources.

Answering a King James Only Advocate

Do the arguments for subscribing to the King James Version only make sense? Let’s see.

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