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Single Touch Payroll Eliminates PSAR

Accountants, payroll departments and bookkeepers work overtime during the end of financial year to produce payment summary annual report [PSAR] for the businesses. There are several steps to be completed to generate PSAR ready for lodgment which starts from the final payroll run for the financial year. Pay As You Go Payment Summary or PAYG payment summary or commonly known as Group Certificate can be produced only when the final pay event is completed.

Advantages of Java Programming Language

Java is a relatively high level language. It offers several ready-to-use resources, which facilitates learning for today’s developers and focuses on the actual implementation of the business, instead of worrying about the management of the infrastructure at the system level. Few of the advantages of the Java programming language are: Platform independence: java is independent of the platform, which means that if a program is written and compiled in Java on any platform (underlying hardware and software), it can be run on any other platform of similar capabilities subject to available hardware (power…

Introduction to K-Means Clustering in Data Science

The K-K form is a type of unauthorized learning that is used to describe the data (i.e. lack of information about categories or groups).

Enhancing Customer Engagement Through Customer Journey Analysis

For any customer dependent business, there is a key feature to enhance their business in terms of Customer Engagement through Customer Journey Analysis. This journey can be analyzed to find out the context and design the products and services around the insights obtained.

Is Being Fit Equal to Being Healthy?

Does being fit means you are healthy? There are a lot of suggestions and debates from experts on this question. Actually, health and fitness go hand in hand or you can say they are two different sides of the same coin.

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