Is An Alpha Man Right For You?

New Book Inspires With Words, Poetry, Art, and Wisdom

Chandra Ziegler’s Extraordinary Endurance is a colorful, fun, and inspiring look at how one mom, teacher, and wife does it all and still finds time to be inspired. Subtitled “A Training Plan for the Marathon of Life” Ziegler shares her experience running marathons and relates it as a metaphor to all aspects of life.

New Book Reveals How We Can Achieve Unity With God

Pastor and evangelist Nathan French’s new book “ONE: The Power of Unity” contains Nathan French’s conversations with God on such subjects as developing a personal relationship with God, faith, and even finances. The book reveals that God wants to have a personal relationship with all of us, and that is possible if we will only listen to him.

New Novel Captures Terrifying Carnival Ride of Native American Female Experience

Chris Stark’s novel “Carnival Lights” tells the history of a Ojibwe family in Minnesota during the summer of 1969, while looking back and ahead in their family. It offers stark realities about the dangers of being female and Native American.

Do What God Likes

I wonder if we always understand who Jesus really was. Jesus is the Son of God.

Hardship Teaches Obedience

Jesus is our brother, the one who goes ahead. He shows us how to walk the road of life today.

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