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Smart Home – A Global Drive Towards the Intelligent Homes

Sometimes it can be too much work to get off the couch, to reach over to the wall switch and turn the lights off, right? Well, Smart Homes are for you.

What’s Holding Retail Ecommerce Teams Back?

The classic mistakes retail ecommerce teams make, which can be avoided. The challenges faced by ecommerce teams. How brands across every industry can resolve those challenges quickly. Webinar.

What Are Patellofemoral Problems And How Are They Treated?

The patellofemoral joint, when experiences extreme pressure of any kind, results in degeneration of the articular cartilage below. This results in pain and immobility. Patients can approach an orthopaedic surgeon, who will prescribe them medications, therapies, or surgery, as required.

What Is Happiness and How Does It Work in Soulful Living?

Happiness means blissful living I.e. living in such a way the bliss is remaining as a constant. This will only possible if anyone leads one’s life in the soul level.

“Uber” Dream in Cargo Transportation

In 2015, the Ministry of Traffic and Transportation in Vietnam announced that about 70% of trucks had no cargo in their backs on their departing way, which meant that seven out of ten inter-provincial trucks had empty backs on their departing way. Consequently, to make up for income loss, carriers had to require more amount of payment than that of two-way trucks. This fact was one of the reasons why logistics costs in Vietnam accounted for 25% of GDP.

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