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Does Your Leadership Style Create Extraordinary People?

Leadership is a critical aspect of any business. Before you demand to be in an executive position, it would be wise to ensure you understand leadership and avoid the pitfalls of others. This article outlines essentials and pitfalls of leadership.

The Enemy Cannot Gainsay Nor Resist The Amazing God With Your Mouth

Are you aware of the power that lies in your mouth? Some people understand and believe in this power of the tongue and are utilizing it well. On the other hand, some other people are victims of the words of their tongue. And the amazing thing is that the enemy cannot gainsay nor resist the words of certain people.

Wonderful! Death And Life Are In The Power Of The Tongue

Do you speak life or death with your tongue? Many people talk without thinking, and by so doing, heap the very things that they don’t want upon their lives. However, taking time to think before speaking will help you to choose the right things to say per time. Truly, death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Beware Of The Evils Of The Tongue As In The Word Of God

How many times have you wished you didn’t say what you said? The tongue can be unruly if not tamed. And it can say things that will destroy a person and his future. And it’s such that some words once spoken can’t be retrieved and the effect may never be corrected. So, in this article, the evils of the tongue will be given to broaden your mind to the negative potentials of the tongue.

Understanding The Awesome And Powerful Uses Of The Tongue

How well do you know your tongue? Many people don’t understand the tongue and so readily fall into its trap. And when you underestimate the capability of the tongue, you will be highly hindered in your pursuit of peace and success.

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