Love doesn’t exist | Something To Think About & Self-Reflect

The way I see it, so many people are conditional about love and treat
it as if it was a business transaction. Translated that way and perceived
like something you give to someone in order to make them happy, is core of
the issue. You know how people you’re with can be and how they won’t be,
depending of how strong you meet their expectations of who you have to be
for them, compared to … who you actually are. How can this be love when
… who, what or however you actually are, doesn’t even count?! What if
understanding love that way, YOUR WAY is the root problem that makes that
you do not get your other COMPLETE Half Part PART you’re.with in order to
build something bigger than the both of you, but as valuable as each one of you.
I often hear these words “My other half” and think/Feel like … NOOOPE …!


Because I don’t believe that you can really be in a relationship in fractions of
pieces, be it half, a third, a quarter or whatever is similar to this. In my experience,
I understood for years that my partner in crime, can’t make me happy and that
this is my inside job to do. The less there are frictions between two people
and the more they are able to be happy alone & on their own, the closer they are
to a relationship that can be called love. Instead of nourrishing co-dependancy,
giving without a ROI, lands on love-territory. And if that isn’t true, then you
would have paid to be born on this planet.

I don’t pretend my perspective to be the utlimate truth. It is however a working
formula where nobody gets drained from his/her own energy and is just accepted as
who s/he is. Playing the same self-responible melody when alone and together, probably is key.

I loved the parallels to my perspective in this video.

But what about you? Does Love exist to you or is it just a shiny non-existant object?!
What do you think about it?

Leave a comment down below

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