Obsession: Why You’re In a Mental Loop (and how to get out) @Susan Winter

The Pope and the New World Order

Where does the Pope and His Church stand on globalism? Probably where it has always stood. One world, with Papa on top.

What Clothing Brands Are Considered “Streetwear”?

If you’ve thrown on jeans and a t-shirt, then you’ve worn an outfit that is considered streetwear. Streetwear is casual and comfortable. Streetwear style clothing is a mix of hip hop, and surfer vibes as its roots originated from New York and California. With a long history, you might be wondering what clothing brands are considered streetwear today.

3 Ways to Get Started Making a Living Online For Stay at Home Moms

Stay at home moms who want to make money online should not hesitate to take action and take on whatever it takes to get started. There are so many opportunities to get started. And the sooner you start, the sooner you can begin making a good income and supplementing your family’s income.

Are You a Wisdom Hesitator?

The wisdom hesitator may be concerned with success, but he is afraid to express himself out of fear of what others may think about him and his ideas. In team meetings, the hesitator is usually the one who remains quiet and needs to be specifically asked for his input. My experience with hesitators, though, is that they can be incredibly perceptive and contribute valuable perspective to a discussion. I’ve been involved in many meetings where the hesitator, after being prompted, provided a point of view that wasn’t previously expressed and changed the trajectory of a conversation. Typically, it takes a leader who is sensitive to hesitators and draws them into the discussion. Unfortunately, many great ideas never see light of day because the hesitator isn’t willing to express his point of view. When a hesitator doesn’t share his wisdom and something bad happens as a result, everyone loses.

Experiential Vs. Inherited Wisdom

What I’ve come to realize is that learning hard lessons doesn’t mean I have to experience them first-hand. It’s far less physically, emotionally and financially painful to learn from others. This has led me to an important conclusion–there are two paths to wisdom.

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