People Judge Us For Being Together | {THE AND} Wasif & Natasha

Cholesterol Management For The Complete Idiot

Generally, when the Doc tells you that you have high cholesterol, you leave their office with a diet handout and a prescription. What does it all mean? Get the scoop in plain language that you understand.

How You Would Feel If You Got What You Wanted?

If you got what you wanted, how would it change your life? I’m referring to achieving your goals or fulfilling your dreams. Have you given it any thought? Have you entertained the idea of achieving everything you desire?

Here’s Why Students Need Intellectual Curiosity to Learn

What causes a student to want to learn? Is it the same reason why students want to seek out course-specific knowledge? As an instructor, you may find it important to understand why students need intellectual curiosity while engaged in your class, and what you can do to help prompt it. While teaching as a traditional instructor, it was easier for me to observe the engagement level of students who were present in class, and ask directed questions to help them think further about the course topics. However, as an online instructor this type of strategy needs to be adapted, and it’s something I’ve learned to do with time and practice. I’ve discovered you need to do more than just ask questions, there needs to be thought given as to how questions are asked, along with the perceived tone of the message posted. What you read next may help provide your teaching practice with new ideas and strategies.

Essential Oils and the Brainwashed Blogger!

I know what you’re thinking… yet another boring blog by a brainwashed blogger who drank the Kool-Aid about Essential Oils. But wait! Give just 5 minutes of your time and an open mind, and I will convince you that essential oils are essential for your mental and emotional wellbeing, and not just the next big fad.

Four Misconceptions About Clothes Made in China

There are so many misconceptions and wrong impressions about a product made in China. Yes, in the past China produced fewer quality goods which, by the way, made many things accessible to lower income groups. But nowadays, all this has changed. Here are some misconceptions about China goods that you should know about.

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