The #1 Reason Why Your Ex Will Most Likely Come Back After No Contact

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The #1 Reason Why Your Ex Will Most Likely Come Back After No Contact

The no contact rule is one of the most powerful techniques that ex partners can employ to heal after a breakup and also to get their ex partner back. It means stopping all contact with an ex following a breakup. Both of you don’t call, text, and stalk each other on social media. And it also involves cutting all ties with their family and friends. Basically, anything to detox your ex from your life entirely.
The no contact is sort of a coping mechanism that helps you process the hurt you’re experiencing after a breakup. And it is a very successful one. As such, it is designed to shift your attention from your ex and focus it on healing and self-improvement. We see many people who misuse the no contact. They focus too much on making their ex miss them, which defeats this method’s whole purpose.
The no contact is used as an opportunity to grieve the loss of your relationship, get your mind in the right space and think about the future. And the last thing to think about is that your ex might come back. That’s just a bonus to the whole technique. First, you should think about yourself and your healing, and then, even if you decide to get back together with your ex, that decision will be an informed one.
However, you should hold off for at least 3 to 4 weeks before you do any form of contact with your ex because otherwise, the shorter period won’t be as effective in making them miss you and teaching them a valuable lesson. Some people decide even to do 6 weeks which is nearly the maximum for this technique. Often, we ever see our clients realizing that they are better off without their ex’s presence in their life and decide to move on completely, happier than ever.
But whatever the outcome might be, you should not think about that. The only thing you should be doing is focusing on healing first.

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