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Definition and Benefits of Digital and Hybrid Printing

Label printing refers to the imprinting and reproduction of custom patterns, stamps, or stickers on diverse materials like paper, glass, etc. The process is possible via various methods and yields different results for each. It applies to the feel, looks, and purpose of the labels.

Why Is Blood Pressure Control Less Likely in Poorer Areas?

Blood pressure control is critical for everyone. In some circumstances, it is difficult to control blood pressure. However, it can be controlled by inculcating certain lifestyle changes which lower it.

Global Polyol Market Overview – Bolstering Demand From Automotive and Construction Sector

Polyols are compounds with multiple hydroxyl functional groups available for organic reactions. A molecule with two hydroxyl groups is a diol, one with three is a triol, one with four is a tetrol and so on. The main use of polymeric polyols is as reactants to make other polymers and can be reacted with isocyanates to make polyurethanes. Polymeric polyols are an important group of functional resins which are used in the manufacture of a large number of products. They are typically viscous liquids or waxy solids depending on molecular weight, type of backbone and hydroxyl content. These materials are ultimately used to make footwears, fibers, insulation for appliances, adhesives, mattresses, automotive seats, etc. These are widely used in automobiles, medical, construction, furnishing, packaging, electricals and electronics sector. APAC is the largest growing market for polyol followed by Latin America.

Auto Revolution Shaping the Future of Mobility

With the growing adoption of technology in every aspect of our life, it is evident that autonomous vehicles will evolve the transportation sector in the coming years. Therefore, auto makers are innovating business models and testing their autonomous vehicle models rigorously to fulfil the consumer’s demand for hi-end and energy-efficient vehicles. But when will autonomous vehicles become mainstream?

Global Microchip Shortage – When and How Will It End?

The world is facing a severe semiconductor shortage right now, and it shows no signs of abating anytime soon. Besides the combined efforts of top semiconductor manufacturing facilities and government initiatives, the microchip shortage continues as the demand has skyrocketed amidst the disrupted supply chain.

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