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How To Rise Above Discouragement God’s Way

Many, many, people don’t know what to do about discouragement? The answer is this! Many people do not seek God, follow Him, honor Him, or obey Him. What does that have to do with discouragement? The Word is your answer! The way to stop being discouraged is to read scriptures that help you trust in the Lord to help you. You have to let the scriptures go deep into your heart and mind. Let me teach you more about it. You simply need to know what to do and how to do it.

Stick to Your Guns

Encouragement for those who, during Covid and beyond, have found it difficult to stick with their plans and goals. Over 2 years ago, I laid out my goals for the future (See My blog, How life can get in the way, from July 2019!) and managed to stick with it for some months. THEN, Covid hit the world and our government went fast and hard to beat the darn bug here. (Which worked till Delta arrived, but that’s another story). Fortunately, back then I lived close enough to the supermarket not to need to worry about having to leave the town boundaries set for my small town. My goals somehow slipped to the back of my mind for far too long, and my motivation slipped black with them. Thank goodness me and my mind are now back on track. Hope this will help you get back on track with your goals again.

Waste Not, Want Not-Why Not?

We may not be out of the pandemic quite yet, but many of us are carving out a “new normal” for ourselves. Because let’s face it, life is not going back to what it was a mere two years ago. This actually is a good thing, because we have the opportunity to make new decisions, new choices for how we want to live going forward.

How Does a Business Become Scalable?

Some businesses are scalable, meaning they can grow income exponentially. Others are not open to growth, but they generate a reliable income which is not lucrative.

5 Steps to Declutter Your Office for More Productivity

If you want to increase productivity and protect your brand reputation, you must make regular plans to declutter your office. It is non-negotiable. Let’s show you how to maintain an inspiring and clutter-free office.

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