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Analysis of The Good Earth By Pearl S Buck

The Good Earth which won the Nobel Prize for Literature is highly acclaimed work of art. It traces the life, culture, traditions and patterns of living of Chinese society. Wang Lung is the main protagonist of the novel and the author narrates how is life changes drastically from riches to rags and then again back to riches. The novel is a historical work of Fiction.

Writing Is My Solace

I find solace in writing. I can write what’s on my mind, tell my story, share my experiences, and the secrets that need to be let out. Writing opens my heart. I’m able to feel the love, anger, pain, joy, sorrow, gratitude, regrets – whatever is present in the moment – and put it on the paper. I can write anything. just express especially when I have problems that I feel my heart is going to burst out. I resort to writing to express what I felt..

Be Happy With What You Have While Working For What You Want

Enjoying what you do is more important than earning a high salary or a flashy title. Though a high compensation is rather tempting and also a good predictor of better job performance; if you don’t enjoy what you do in life, you’ll end up missing out one part of your life.

The King Named James

What do you think? Should we name a Bible translation after a man?

The King James, the Church of England, and the Apocrypha

“The King James Version (KJV)…

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